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We offer you prints on canvas and posters of paintings made by Galatéa COURBET.

Message from the artist

“Painting has always been a way to free one’s soul. A painting is the macroscopic expression of the microcosm of its painter, that is to say of his deepest self.
Each composition of symbols is the representation of the Truth that animates me and that I wish to share. My paintings are more than images, they are open doors to an extraordinary journey beyond time and space.”

Our paintings

Le pommier de l'Univers

Pillar of the world. Pillar of the Universe. Who gives shape to the matrix fabric in which we evolve? The macrocosm and the microcosm are united in this fractal representation of Life.

Blue Ray Grass

Let yourself be absorbed by the bluish vortex allowing the growth of Ray Grass, a plant that we underestimate. In our gardens, parks and meadows, it is constantly being crushed and eaten, but without complaint it continues to carpet our environment. Are we aware of its importance in our ecosystem? The painting Blue Ray Grass pays tribute to it.

Your next painting

Discover very soon the new painting of Galatéa Courbet! It will be a 100 x 100 cm painting.

Canvas prints

Canvas prints are made with Ultrachrome® ink (pigment inks) which is applied to a 380gr/m² canvas. Canvases can be mounted on a 2 cm thick wooden frame and framed.

A Clearshield Type C varnish, specially designed for the protection of high quality inkjet prints on art textiles, is only applied to the canvas on stretcher (2 cm thick).


The posters are printed on 200 g/m² thick satin photo paper.

We work in partnership with a French company.

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