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PhD in plant biology

Expressing oneself to convey a message to inspire.
I never confined myself to what I saw of the world. I was always convinced that there was a truth hiding behind everything, as if everything had a reason to exist. And it was up to me to discover that reason. It is with this ability to look beyond appearances and to extract all their essences that I have risen to the subtle universe, between science, spirituality and fantasy.
I don’t owe all this knowledge to myself, because in order to rise, one must have solid steps on which to rest. My family was my first support, they taught me to be myself in all circumstances and to trust myself, even if this sometimes put us in uncomfortable positions, especially at school, and I admit it now with a smile. Nevertheless, in order to understand Nature in its entirety, it was important for me to know its biological mechanism. So I decided to study science and specialised in biochemistry and molecular biology for plants. This led to a PhD in plant biology.
All this learning took on its meaning when it was used for a single intention, that of Love. A creative intention that I discovered thanks to my husband.
Today, I wish to share with you what makes me a Free Thinker through fantastic, initiatory and spiritual books.

Happy transmutation to all!



Ariane Courbet is an actress, born in Dijon. After a degree in Modern Literature, she devoted herself entirely to theatre and entered the Conservatory of her native town. In 2018 she entered the entrance exam for ENSATT in Lyon (École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et Techniques du Théâtre), which she passed and joined the actor training course. She graduated in June 2021. In 2022, she works at the CDN of Dijon (Centre Dramatique National).
“Stories that emerge from the imagination have always been for me an unknown miracle to the world. This power of the imagination, so powerful that it can create worlds of its own, was one of the major discoveries of my life. Questioning what is considered reality and fiction, no longer taking things for granted and no longer defining them as real or not, was a first step towards writing. My inclination towards the spiritual realm has only reinforced this idea, that things in the world are in flux and constantly changing. It is the same within each human being. He is continually changing, redefining his beliefs, going beyond his preconceived notions and thus using his imagination to evolve towards what was previously unknown to him. Each human adventure is in itself an epic, a story; it must pass through the prism of the imagination to become fiction and emancipate itself from its individual dimension to touch the universal. A story that everyone can hear. It is this search that drives me every day. ” 


PhD student in plant biology

My love of reading began with Antoon Krings’ Drôles de Petites Bêtes. They, and especially my mother, taught me to read. Since then, I have never travelled without taking at least one book in my luggage. The novels of Robert Jordan, Maxime Chattam, Angie Sage, Anne Robillard, Christopher Paolini, Alison Goodman, Joe Abercrombie and many other authors have rocked my adolescence and still accompany me in their Universes full of Fantasy and adventure. In the evening, as I fell asleep, I always had this habit of flying through these imaginary worlds until I created one, my own universe. Since then, I have never stopped travelling through my thoughts, imagining more and more worlds in a Multiverse that expands a little more each day. Yet I had no idea that one day these stories would come to life other than in my mind. Writing my own book? It was unimaginable. I couldn’t imagine myself as an author. How could I think of myself as one of those who had allowed me to escape with such carefully crafted language and plots? If I ever dared to write my first novel, I owe it to my brother. He showed me that nothing was unthinkable and that all we had to do was to release what was buried inside us to create the magic of a story. Reading his early novels gave me the courage to take the plunge, and if you like this Multiverse I’m sharing with you, he is the spark that made that sun shine. As for finishing my novels, for that I needed the one thing we all seek in this world. Without my wife’s Love, I would never have finished all those stories that were flying around in my head.
She is the answer.

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