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Do you dream to become a writer?

Be part of The Green Codex family!

A publishing house  that believes in its authors and is committed to making them flourish.

“As an author I know what to expect from a publishing house. In creating The Green Codex my intention is to highlight authors who have a message to convey, a Universe to share. They are the roots of the tree of Knowledge.” Dr. Galatéa COURBET

Our publishing house is specialised in fantasy, books on spirituality, personal development, history, philosophy and science.

Submit your Manuscrit  Manuscrit 

Only for French manuscrit

We respect the rights of authors.
We commit ourselves to never voluntarily distribute your manuscript.

Send us your manuscript in Word format only, this will facilitate the work of our reading committee.

Join to your manuscript with a detailed summary of the story (1 page max.).

Join to your manuscript with a summary of each chapter (max. 300 words per chapter), this will allow us to better evaluate the rhythm and coherence of your manuscript.

Once your manuscript has been selected by our reading committee, we will contact you to explain in detail the terms of our contract for the publication of a literary work on behalf of a publisher.
If your manuscript is unfortunately not selected, we will be pleased to respond.

What does it mean to be a publisher house on behalf of publisher?

After signing the contract, we will take care of everything related to the design of the book free of charge:

Creation the cover of your book

Administrative procedures at the BnF (Bibliothèque nationale de France)

Catalogue listing for bookstores and marketplaces

Broadcasting & Distribution

… and more !!!

Proofreading (spelling, grammar, syntax, etc.) is carried out by our publishing professionals. However, as with any publishing house, the cost of proofreading is the responsibility of the writer.

Merci de votre confiance

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Nous prendrons en charge votre commande dès réception de votre paiement.