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Conditions of sale for Booksellers

At the moment we only sell books in French.
For all countries other than France, only delivery in partnership with Amazon is available.
For Switzerland and Belgium, if you wish to order books other than through our Amazon partnership, please contact us (commande-libraire@thegreencodex.com) and we will try to see what can be done.

Booksellers wishing to order a book can do so:

By sending their request by email to: commande-libraire@thegreencodex.com

By placing an order on Dilicom (Gencod : 3052455482204)

By placing an order on Banque du Livre

We have chosen Print on Demand (POD) in order to be more respectful of the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of a book (elimination of piling, elimination of storage, limitation of the number of transports).

In summary


French & Imprim’Vert


Partnership with Amazon

3 to 5 books

30 % of the price excluding VAT

Shared shipping costs (50/50)

Possibility of free shipping if partnership with Amazon

6 books and more

32 % of the price excluding VAT

Free shipping

In more detail...

In order not to sell at a loss, the minimum order is 3 books;

Basic discount 30% of the price of the book, excluding VAT;

For an order of more than 5 books (6+), basic discount 32% of the price of the book excluding VAT;

Orders are sent by standard delivery, they can also be sent by express delivery, but the shipping costs are then charged to the bookseller/customer;

For an order of 3 to 5 books, the shipping costs are shared 50/50 between the publisher and the bookseller;

Commande à partir de 6 livres (6+) : les frais de port sont offerts au libraire et donc à la charge de l’éditeur The Green Codex ;

Possibility of free delivery for an order of 3 to 5 books if the order is made in partnership with Amazon;

If the order is confirmed, an invoice will be issued by The Green Codex and the bookseller will have 30 days to pay it from the date of the invoice. The books ordered will only be shipped upon receipt of payment.

Defective books may be returned to The Green Codex, for which the bookseller must inform The Green Codex within one week of receipt of the products, The Green Codex will then contact the bookseller to establish the terms of return and the shipping costs will be paid by the publisher. If the bookseller returns the defective products without following the return procedure previously established, the cost of postage will be paid by the bookseller.

Hard-sell, all purchases from The Green Codex are final. Return of unsold products is not allowed.

The products invoiced by The Green Codex are the property of the buyer as soon as they are collected or shipped.

Nota bene

Le Grand Oeuvre - Le voyage alchimique est un livre de fantasy et spiritualité écrit par Ariane et Galatéa Courbet, édité par The Green Codex

For reasons of respect for the purchasing power of readers and profitability, the book Le Grand Œuvre – Le voyage alchimique can only be ordered in the formula in partnership with Amazon.

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By ordering a book from The Green Codex, the bookseller accepts the above-mentioned conditions of sale.

The Green Codex reserves the right to modify all or part of the present General terms and conditions of sale according to the evolution of the economic and political conditions of the moment.

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